Your own "Pop-up" Store

The Corner Spot Store Front is a 300 square foot building that offers businesses the opportunity to run their business based on their business plan and “test” out their success with the hopes of finding permanent space in Ashland. 

We are seeking business owners who are looking to start a new business and test the market in a downtown setting. We are looking for business owners who are looking for growth and who are planning to continue their business in a permanent location.

These are examples (but not limited) of businesses that would fit the scope of The Corner Spot:  Food, Retail, Artisan, Local and Regional Businesses


"The Corner Spot provides a really unique opportunity for a small business. When launching our vintage goods business,  unEarthed, we faced many barriers to entry. The Corner Spot afforded us the opportunity to test the market, gauge interest in our merchandise, scrutinize our pricing models and engage with customers. The Corner Spot support staff assisted us with marketing and helped extend our reach. We are looking forward to returning this summer to 'pop up' and continue our journey."

- Julia Chase, CoFounder, unEarthed  

IG: shop_unearthed 

“If it weren’t for The Corner Spot, I don’t think my business would be here. We started there as a way to gain more customers and now we have a completely new business, StrEAT Food Rx. We love the community and are excited for what’s next.”

- Quisha Papla, Owner of Real Food Rx and StrEAT Food Rx  


  • Electricity

  • Bathroom

  • Outdoor Seating

  • Running Water

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Tables & Chairs